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The Dial element provides a list of text elements in rotary selection tool.

The Dial element with a list of collections.
Dial screenshot
Characteristic Definition
Type Interactive Display Object
Category Element
Scope Local
Position *
Parents Container
Children none
Gestures Drag





background object reference sets the background object
backgroundAlpha Number Sets the background Transparency
backgroundLineStoke Number Sets the line stroke of background
centerLine object reference sets the center line object
centerLineAlpha number sets the alpha of center line
centerLineColor number sets the color of center line
centerLineLineStoke number sets the line stroke of center line
centerLineOutlineColor number sets the outline color of center line
continuous true/false Specifies whether the dial is continuous or not
gradientAlphas text Sets the alpha transparency of gradient for background
gradientColors text Sets the array of color values of gradient for background
gradientHeight number the height (in pixels) to which the gradient will spread
gradientRatios text Sets the ratios of gradient for background
gradientRotation number the rotation (in radians) that will be applied to the gradient
gradientType text Sets the gardient type for background
gradientWidth number the width (in pixels) to which the gradient will spread
gradientX number how far (in pixels) the gradient is shifted horizontally
gradientY number how far (in pixels) the gradient is shifted vertically
leftTriangle object reference sets the left triangle object
leftTriangleAlpha number sets the alpha of left triangle
leftTriangleColor number sets the color of left triangle
maxItemsOnScreen number Sets the maximum Text Elements on dial
rightTriangle object reference sets the right triangle object
rightTriangleAlpha number Sets the right triangle Transparency of background
rightTriangleColor number sets the color of right triangle
selectedTextColor number Sets the text Color for selected text
text text Sets array of text elements
textColor number Sets the default text Color

See Also: Display Attributes

 <Dial id="dial" text="Collection 1,Collection 2,Collection 3,Collection 4,Collection 5,Collection 6,Collection 7,Collection 8,Collection 9,Collection 10" maxItemsOnScreen="5" 
   continuous="true" textColor="0xDDDDDD" selectedTextColor="0x000000" x="520" y="250"
   gradientType="linear" gradientColors="0x111111,0xDDDDDD,0x111111" gradientAlphas="1, 1, 1" gradientRatios="0, 127.5, 255" gradientWidth="300" gradientHeight="200"
   gradientX="25" gradientY="0" gradientRotation="1.57"
   backgroundLineStoke="3" backgroundAlpha="5" leftTriangleColor="0x303030" rightTriangleColor="0x303030" 
   centerLineLineStoke="1" centerLineOutlineColor="0xAAAAAAA" centerLineOutlineAlpha="0.4" centerLineColor="0x666666" centerLineAlpha="0.2"/>
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