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Drop down menu is used to create a simple menu from a text string of items.

A drop down menu with a selection of image items.
DropDownMenu screenshot
Characteristic Definition
Type Display Object
Category Element
Scope Local
Position *
Parents Container
Children *
Gestures none
Requirements none



color number the text color
fill number Background color for the menu
font text sets the font style of menu
fontSize number sets the font size of text
menuTitle text menu title that is visible
menuItems text the items that will populate the expanding menu panel

See Also: Display Attributes

<DropDownMenu id="ddMenu" x="500" y="150" menuTitle="Images" menuItems="Image1,Image2,Image3,Image4,Image5" fill="0xF2D4C2" color="0xA66874" fontSize="36"/>
<Image id="Image1" src="../../assets/images/500px-Bi-crystal.jpg" height="500" x="700" y="150" visible="false"/>
<Image id="Image2" src="../../assets/images/500px-Silver_crystal.jpg" x="700" y="150" visible="false"/>
<Image id="Image3" src="../../assets/images/bee.jpg" x="700" y="150" visible="false"/>
<Image id="Image4" src="../../assets/images/clockwork_automobile.png" height="500" x="700" y="150" visible="false"/>
<Image id="Image5" src="../../assets/images/orchid.jpg" x="700" y="150" visible="false"/>
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