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The GigapixelViewer component is primarily meant to display a Gigapixel element and its associated meta-data.

A gigapixel element wrapped in a frame that provides buttons to access metadata.
GigapixelViewer screenshot


Type Interactive Display Object
Category Component
Scope Local
Position *
Parents Container
Children *
Gestures *
Requirements The nesting structure and class attributes must match the example below. The srcXML attribute is mandatory.



gigapixel object reference the Gigapixel element
minScaleConstraint number sets the minimum scaling

See Also: Display Attributes

<GigapixelViewer x="540" y="140" width="600" height="450" rotation="3" mouseChildren="true" disableNativeTransform="false" disableAffineTransform="false">
    <TouchContainer class="frame_container" visible="true" targetParent="true" mouseChildren="false">
        <Frame class="frame_element"/>
    <Gigapixel x="0" y="0" class="gigapixel_element" src="deepzoom/space.xml" width="600" />
    <TouchContainer id="map1-info" class="info_container" visible="false" targetParent="true" mouseChildren="false" >
        <Graphic color="0xFFAE1F" alpha="0.6" lineStroke="0" class="info_bg" shape="rectangle"/>		
        <Text border="false" class="title" selectable="false" text="Cygnus X"/>				
        <Text width="360" border="false" class="desc" text="This is a compiled mosaic image captured by the NASA Spitzer Space Telescope."/>
    <!-- Here is where the entire menu is structured. We used "include" files to style each of our buttons individually rather than have all the mark-up here. -->
    <Menu class="menu_container" x="0" y="0" alpha="0.6" position="bottom" paddingLeft="30" paddingBottom="-50" paddingRight="20" autoHide="true" visible="false">
        <Include src="infoButton.cml"/>
        <Include src="closeButton.cml"/>
        <Gesture ref="n-drag" gestureOn="true"/>
        <Gesture ref="n-scale" gestureOn="true"/>
        <Gesture ref="n-rotate" gestureOn="true"/>
        <Gesture ref="tap" gestureOn="true"/>
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