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The LiveVideoViewer component is primarily meant to display a LiveVideo element and its associated meta-data.

An image from a live video stream in a viewer.
LiveVideoViewer screenshot


Type Interactive Display Object
Category Component
Scope Local
Position *
Parents Container
Children *
Gestures *
Requirements none



liveVideo object reference the LiveVideo element

See Also: Display Attributes

<LiveVideoViewer id="video-viewer-1" x="600" y="300" rotation="-20" mouseChildren="true" disableNativeTransform="false" disableAffineTransform="false">
    <TouchContainer id="tc_video1" class="video_container" visible="true" targetParent="true" mouseChildren="false">
        <LiveVideo id="live" camera="#cam" microphone="#micro" width="320" height="240">
            <Camera id="cam"/>
            <Microphone id="micro"/>
        </LiveVideo >
    <TouchContainer id="video1-info" class="info_container" visible="false" targetParent="true" mouseChildren="false" >
        <Graphic id="info-bg" class="info_bg" shape="rectangle"/>		
        <Text id="title" class="info_title" border="false" selectable="false" text="LiveVideoViewer"/>				
        <Text id="description" class="info_description" border="false" selectable="false" text="The LiveVideoViewer displays live web camera video as a multitouch object."/>		
    <TouchContainer id="frame-c" class="frame_container" visible="true" targetParent="true" mouseChildren="false">
        <Frame id="frame-e" class="frame_element"/>
    <!-- Here is where the entire menu is structured. We used "include" files to style each of our buttons individually rather than have all the mark-up here. -->
    <Menu id="menu-1" class="menu_container" x="0" y="0" alpha="0.6" position="bottom" paddingLeft="30" paddingBottom="-50" paddingRight="20" autoHide="true" visible="true">
        <Include src="infoButton.cml"/>
        <Include src="closeButton.cml"/>
        <Gesture ref="n-drag" gestureOn="true"/>
        <Gesture ref="n-scale" gestureOn="true"/>
        <Gesture ref="n-rotate" gestureOn="true"/>
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