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The Magnifier provides a touch enabled element with an optional graphical lens that will increase the magnification when placed over any display object on the stage.

Magnifier with a default border over an image.
Magnifier screenshot


Type Interactive Display Object
Category Element
Scope Local
Position *
Parents Container
Children none
Gestures *
Requirements none



bitmapData object reference
distortionRadius number sets the amount of distortion or “fish-eye” effect the lens goes through before focusing cleanly
graphic text sets the graphic type: default, notch, or none
magnification number the value of magnification of the lens, this can be increased or decreased by performing a rotation gesture on the lens, and its starting value can be set in cml
radius number the total area of the lens, including distortion effects if any

See Also: Display Attributes

<TouchContainer x="900" y="250">
    <Image src="images/bee.jpg"/>
	<Gesture ref="n-drag" gestureOn="true"/>
	<Gesture ref="n-scale" gestureOn="true"/>
	<Gesture ref="n-rotate" gestureOn="true"/>
<Magnifier x="800" y="200" radius="100" magnification="2" distortionRadius="18" graphic="default"/>
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