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The ModestMap uses the ModestMaps API to generate an interactive map that can be touched and zoomed.

A map called from the ModestMaps API with a marker over the location of Stonehenge.
ModestMap screenshot


Type Interactive Display Object
Category Element
Scope Local
Position *
Parents Container
Children *
Gestures Drag
Requirements none



draggable true/fasle sets the draggable property of the map
latitude number sets and retrieves the latitude of the starting location
longitude number sets and retrieves the latitude of the starting location
mapprovider text sets and retrieves the type of map the user will see
zoom number sets and retrieves the zoom at which the map will start

See Also: Display Attributes

<ModestMap x="500" y="50" height="600" width="600" latitude="51.1789" longitude="-1.8264" zoom="7" mapprovider="MicrosoftRoadMapProvider">
    <ModestMapMarker longitude="-1.8264" latitude="51.1789">
    <Graphic fill="color" color="0x594D37" shape="roundRectangle" width="81" height="25" cornerWidth="10" cornerHeight="10" lineStroke="2" lineColor="0x293033"/>
    <Text text="Stone Henge" color="0xFAFAC0" fontSize="12" width="81"/>
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