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The Slideshow tag allows you to create a slideshow out of any variety of display objects, including text, graphics, images, and containers.

A slide made from a container holding some text and an image in a slideshow.
Slideshow screenshot


Type Interactive Display Object
Category Element
Scope Local
Position *
Parents Container
Children *
Gestures none
Requirements none



autoplay true/false sets the slide show to play instantly
currentIndex number sets the current index of the slides
fadeDuration number cross-fade duration in milliseconds, must be less than sequence rate
loop true/false sets whether or not the sequence will loop once it reaches the end or beginning depending on play direction
rate number rate of change between slides in milliseconds

See Also: Display Attributes

<Slideshow x="500" y="100" rate="2000" fadeDuration="1000" loop="true" autoplay="true">
    <Text width="800" text="The stack is now playing a slideshow." color="0xFFFFFF" fontSize="20"/>
    <Graphic fill="color" color="0xFFFFFF" shape="circle" radius="100" />
    <Text width="800" text="Even complex, animated objects count as display objects." color="0xFFFFFF" fontSize="20"/>
    <Text width="800" text="So an entire slideshow can be placed into a stack as a single display object." color="0xFFFFFF" fontSize="20"/>
    <Image src="images/bee.jpg"/>	
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