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The TouchKeyboard is a virtual keyboard providing an interface for a collection of Key objects and output management for key events.

The touch keyboard.
TouchKeyboard screenshot


Type Interactive Display Object
Category Element
Scope Local
Position *
Parents Container
Children none
Gestures none
Requirements none



background object reference the graphical canvas containing the keys
bkgPadding number the space between the outermost keys and the edges of the background
keySpacing number the spacing between the keys
output object reference the specified output text field

See Also: Display Attributes

<TouchKeyboard id="tk" x="500" y="300" scale=".8" background="bkg" bkgPadding="20" output="notepad">
    <Container class="row1" >
        <Key text="`" shiftText="~"/>						
        <Key text="1" shiftText="!"/>						
        <Key text="2" shiftText="@"/>						
        <Key text="3" shiftText="#"/>						
        <Key text="4" shiftText="$"/>						
        <Key text="5" shiftText="%"/>						
        <Key text="6" shiftText="^"/>						
        <Key text="7" shiftText="&"/>						
        <Key text="8" shiftText="*"/>						
        <Key text="9" shiftText="("/>						
        <Key text="0" shiftText=")"/>						
        <Key charCode="123" shiftText="["/>
        <!--assign text by ASCII character code -->		
        <Key charCode="125" shiftText="]" />						
        <Key  text="Backspace" width="110"/>
        <!--Since "BACKSPACE" is a flash.ui.Keyboard constant, the associated keyCode/action is automatically resolved-->				
    <!--Assignmet of a different keyCode will override the default action-->
    <Container class="row2">
        <Key text="Tab" width="80"/>					
        <Key text="'" shiftCharCode="34"/>	 		
        <Key text="," shiftCharCode="60"/>						
        <Key text="." shiftCharCode="62"/>						
        <Key text="p"/>						
        <Key text="y"/>						
        <Key text="f"/>						
        <Key text="g"/>						
        <Key text="c"/>						
        <Key text="r"/>						
        <Key text="l"/>						
        <Key text="/" shiftText="?"/>						
        <Key text="=" shiftText="+"/>						
        <Key text="\" shiftText="|" width="75"/>
    <Container class="row3">
        <Key text="Caps Lock" width="98" keyCode="20"/>
        <!--Since "CAPS LOCK" is NOT a flash.ui.Keyboard constant, a key code must be specified to associate an action-->
        <Key text="a"/>
        <!--Changeing the text to "CAPS_LOCK" would allow the action to be assigned automatically-->
        <Key text="o"/>						
        <Key text="e"/>						
        <Key text="u"/>						
        <Key text="i"/>						
        <Key text="d"/>						
        <Key text="h"/>						
        <Key text="t"/>						
        <Key text="n"/>						
        <Key text="s"/>						
        <Key text="-" shiftText="_"/>						
        <Key text="Enter" width="112"/>						
    <Container class="row4">
        <Key text="Shift" width="125"/>						
        <Key text=";" shiftText=":"/>						
        <Key text="q"/>						
        <Key text="j"/>						
        <Key text="k"/>						
        <Key text="x"/>						
        <Key text="b"/>						
        <Key text="m"/>						
        <Key text="w"/>						
        <Key text="v"/>						
        <Key text="z"/>						
        <Key text="Shift" width="140"/>						
    <Container class="row5">
        <Key text="Esc" keyCode="27"/>											
        <Key text="Delete" width="65"/>
        <Key width="586" keyCode="32"/>																	
        <Key keyCode="37" icon="left">
            <Graphic id="left" shape="triangle" color="0xFFFFFF" height="15" rotation="-90" x="13" y="29"/>
            <!--Icon assignment-->
        <Key keyCode="39" icon="right">
            <Graphic id="right" shape="triangle" color="0xFFFFFF" height="15" rotation="90" x="31" y="14"/>
    <Graphic id="bkg" shape="rectangle" color="0x383838" lineStroke="0"/>
    <!--Custom keyboard background-->	

<Text id="notepad" x="499" y="140" width="694" height="150" background="true" backgroundColor="0xFFFFFF" border="true" multiline="true"/>
<!--Fixed output textfield referenced by id-->
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