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The WAV is an AIR required element that loads in a .WAV file and plays it, with the options to pause, stop, and resume play.

A WAV file being played with a graphical waveform visualization applied.
WAV element screenshot
Characteristic Definition
Type Display Object
Category Element
Scope Local
Position *
Parents Container
Children none
Gestures *
Requirements none
Attribute Type Description
autoplay true/false indicates whether the wav file plays upon load
backgroundAlpha number sets the background alpha
backgroundColor number sets the background color
bufferSize number audio buffer size
cueStart number cue start point in milliseconds
display text visualization display type, choose waveform or none
loop true/false specifies whether the wav file will loop to the beginning and continue playing upon completion
pan number sets the audio panning (-1=left, 0=center, 1=right)
preload true/false indicates whether the wav file is preloaded by the cml parser
printData true/false prints the data
src text sets the wav file path
volume number sets the volume
waveColor number sets the color of the wavform

See Also: Display Attributes

<TouchContainer id="tc1" x="500" y="250" mouseChildren="false" disableNativeTransform="false" disableAffineTransform="false">
    <WAV src="library/assets/FDR-Infamy.wav" autoplay="true" display="waveform" width="500" height="500" volume="0.5" scale=".75" x="0" y="0"/>
        <Gesture ref="n-drag" gestureOn="true"/>
        <Gesture ref="n-scale" gestureOn="true"/>
        <Gesture ref="n-rotate" gestureOn="true"/>
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